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      1. 牵引机和绞盘

        Our standard caterpullers and capstans are available in a wide variety of designs, suitable for products up to 5 inches in diameter. The rugged, robust and compact designs ensure reliable and trusted operation year in and year out. Whether your applications require a large haul off force or is very sensitive Bartell can provide the optimum solutions to ensure maximum production quality and efficiency. From linear belt and cleat caterpullers to single and double wheel capstans Bartell has the solution to meet any requirement.



        Caterpuller Standard Features:

        Bartell standard linear caterpullers are available in contact lengths from 12 inches to 120 inches with belt openings up to 6 inches, haul off force up to 7500 lbs. and a max speed of 1000 feet per minute.

            Large side opening allows for easy cable access and removal

            Operates in both speed and tension modes

            Belts/Cleats open and close pneumatically

            Input and output guide rollers align the product with the belt.

            Tailored belt configuration to meet each specific application

            Precision clamping force adjustment

            Full safety guarding with interlocked access doors

            Belt tension is adjustable to compensate for stretching and wear extending belt life

            State of the art motor and break with 1-year warranty

            Can be integrated into any new or existing production line.

        Capstan Standard Features:

        The Wheeled Capstan is designed to pull the product which is wound around the capstan and fleeted by a fleeting roller. A pneumatic pressure roller is moved to the surface of the capstan when the line is stopped to reduce back-slippage when the downstream tension is released. The capstan drive is coordinated with the line drive system and works in speed control mode and can work as a tensioning or metering capstan. The power rating of the capstan is chosen for each application providing the necessary pull and control required for the products specified. The capstan can be either floor or pit mounted. Bartell manufactures a wide range of Dual and Single Wheel Capstans to suit most applications using wheels with diameters between 24 inches (610mm) and 98.4 inches (2500mm) and pulling force up to 15 tones.

        Caterpuller Optional Features:

            Guarding and safety upgrade packages

            Movable base to allow movement perpendicular to the wire path allowing for even wear of belts,

            Lead cells for closed loop tension control includes a digital display of tension reading and digital setting of the desired tension.

            Digital display of line speed

            Customer designs available upon request


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